Meditation Well-being

Day 21 – Got to keep pushing on

June 6, 2017
Monks meditating

It has been a while… Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks.  I felt very overwhelmed trying to juggle everything that I just took my foot off the pedal and took it easy for a few days.  I reached out to some other Girlbosses with my feelings that I just was struggling to cope, and everyone’s advice was to take some time, relax…


Day 1 – Wake up call – Realisation!

May 17, 2017
seeds growing

The ah-ah Moment! It is the 17th May and I am sat at home.  I have been off work sick with the flu…the flu as in the real flu, not a bad cold – no sniffles or coughs here – just this constant headache, tiredness and aching feeling.  I honestly thought the diagnosis should be exhaustion or something even worse but let’s not go there, but I’m not…