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May 24, 2017
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I read two articles today that I thought would be worthwhile sharing.

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The first one was by Lisa Congdon and is titled ‘On Self-employment, workaholism and getting my life back‘ and the second by Bridget De Maine titled ‘Why a Life Admin day should be on your list of work perks‘.

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The Lisa Congdon piece touched my heart as some of what she was saying I could totally relate to and maybe left me doubting my desire to be a full-time, self employed entrepreneur… Lisa did this and had great success, but it came at a price.  Earning more and more money and being more and more successful did not make her happy and took a toll on her body both physically and mentally, as well as had a negative impact on her relationship.  Once she got to this turning however she did turn it around. In the post she said she now turns down a lot more work and now has the time for hobbies and exercise.

Some key takeaways from the article are:

  • being busy, hard working and overloaded with social media and emails can be damaging.
  • slow down – once you have committed to change don’t expect improvements overnight, things can take time to become apparent.
  • relearn how to relax – limit the amount of time spent on email and social media.
  • what is success – some people think this is money, hard work, hustling etc but you can make your own definition of success – for me this would be having more freedom.
  • Lisa’s final piece of advice is Meditation!  Lisa said meditation did not come easy to her and she did not feel results until meditating for 40 days straight.

Admin Days

The second article I read today which was I just found enjoyable was Bridget De Maine’s which featured in on the Collective Hub’s website (one of my favourite magazines).  The article described how one company is giving their employee’s an extra day off a year to go to medical appointments.  They found a lot of their employees were not going to their GP when necessary or do routine health checks because of their commitments at work: “nearly nine out of ten surveyed employees would delay a preventative appointment in the favour of work pressures“.  So they now dedicate one day a year in October where their employees can go and get their medical checks done.

Bridget suggests other uses of these ‘Admin Days’:

  • Hairdressers (I have to say I totally agree with this.  I really struggle to go to the hairdressers even at the weekend with the toddler in tow, hence the lack of hairstyle and thousands of grey hairs!).
  • Car service – same I am always putting it off
  • Monthly food buy and food prep
  • Sort out your paperwork
  • Sort out your wardrobe
  • Sort out your emails
  • Sell stuff on ebay and gumtree (I have been waiting for months to do this… I HAVE to do this ASAP)

I have to admit a Admin day sounds perfect, unfortunately I’m not sure one day a year would hack it… 1 a month would be ideal! 😉  I know I would feel a lot more organised, calm and I’d have better hair!!

Natalie x

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