Day 7 – Pondering

May 23, 2017

Hi all, so it is Day 7 and even though I have not made any drastic changes yet, I’m doing plenty of pondering and thinking to get me in the mood for change, and leading a simpler life.

Unfortunately it has been another pretty unproductive day with no chance to really read or do any further research.  Which is a bit unmotivating but I really want to Blog even on my off days.  I just find the act of blogging therapeutic so readers – I apologise for my waffling on these off days.

My other business/hobby

Tonight I cooked dinner and packed up some stationery orders – I run a little online stationery store that sells journaling products, specifically Bullet Journaling products.  I might write an article all about Bullet Journaling in the future as its a useful tool to stay organised.  Running my little company is good fun but is not really bringing in enough cash to offer me any sort of financial freedom.  It does have potential I believe though but any profits I make I’m just reinvesting them to buy more products.  Still I get a few orders a week and learn constantly so it does have its bonuses.  I’m just pretty proud too that I run something which is all me.  No boss, no other stakeholders, just me.

One task of the day

I need to set up my newsletter subscriptions to this blog so you can hear from me every time I blog…if you are interested 😉  So I’m off to do that.

Until tomorrow.  Relax, take it easy and smile.

Natalie x




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