Day 6 – A much deserved change of scenery

May 22, 2017
Weekend getaway

So I have missed a couple of days – a thousand apologies but it was all with good reason and reinforces taking some much needed time out for yourself and family.  As I mentioned in Day 1 I have been struggling juggling all of my commitments lately, so I really wanted to go away for the weekend.  It has been in the pipeline for weeks but then disaster nearly struck on Friday when our little one was sick. Luckily his antibiotics kicked in quickly so we were able to go but I did not book the hotel till the actual morning we were going…which turned out to be a stroke of luck!  We managed to book into a 5 star resort in the South West of Western Australia and got it nearly half price!  We would never have normally been able to afford it but half price was just too good an offer.  So we set off on Saturday lunchtime and spent a great couple of days playing board games (very Hygge) and generally relaxing and eating a lot of comfort food.  There is nothing quite like having a really nice big breakfast with a large skinny mocha.

Putting into practice what we have learnt so far

While away I tried to live by some rules we have already been discussing so I kept phone checking to a minimum and really cut down my surfing the net.  I also made sure we put music on when we could which was uplifting.  We had naps on the afternoon and a little walk on the morning it really was a simple life.  The one complaint my husband had was the lack of movies but to be honest I think it was a positive as it meant we had to make up our own entertainment liking playing ‘Sequence’ which is a really cool board game.  We do get quite competitive but we kept it nice even though I lost every game!!  Shows I’m not a sore loser! 😉

These were our weekend necessities*:
  • Portable speaker – our favourite – UE Boom 2
  • Sequence – Excellent card/board game which I’d highly recommend.  It is like Connect 4 but with cards.  It is a mixture of luck and strategy so keeps everyone entertained.  You can play it with 2 players to 4 players.
  • Red Wine
  • Hungry Hippos for little man – although big man enjoyed this too 😉
  • Cheese and biscuits
  • Breakfast out both mornings
  • Takeaways – Indian Curry and Pizza = no cooking for me! 🙂
  • Book I took this weekend – Busy – How to thrive in a world of too much
  • Cosy Pajamas as its starting to get chilly in Oz now

So readers get out your phone or laptop and book a weekend away either with friends, family or on your own.  Limit TV and phones.  Indulge in food.  Take board games – enjoy yourself.  Go for walks.  Nap.  Do nothing much!

Natalie x


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