Day 2 – A day of halves – half bad, half good.

May 18, 2017

So…confession time its only day 2 and already I am missing my 10.30pm curfew…but hold on, hold on with good reason.  I’ll start at the beginning of the day.  I started off sort of well, up at a decent time, feeling like I was getting over the flu, got into work only 5 mins late.  On my way into work I decided instead of my usual checking of personal phone, check work phone, check work emails, check personal emails, check facebook etc.  No, this morning I made a point of not checking my phones and continuing to read my current book – The Little Book of Hygge.*  The Hygge concept fits in with my simplifying life mission and I wanted to give it the attention it deserves.  So I did.  I sat on the train for 25 mins and I really read my book.  I couldn’t tell you a thing about who I was sat next to, or how many emails I had etc.  But I can tell you I like the concept of Hygge.  More on that to follow in a later post.

Remainder of the day…

So I sorted through my emails, spoke to my boss, spoke to digital agency, spoke to PR consultant, meeting with CEO, more emails, and more calls.  In the midst of all of this I was also trying desperately to book the family a weekend away.  Anyway fingers crossed I found a really nice couple that will take our dog for a couple of nights at their house, better than I kennel I think.  I left work to the sad news that Chris Cornell had died, very tragic.  In his honour I listened to Audioslave on the way home.  In this moment I also decided that I need to listen re-ignite my passion for music and listen more.

Got home to find that what we thought were small mozzie bites on our toddler were now red and swollen and frankly looked quite scary.  So called the out of hours doctor out – hence the 10pm steak dinner and 11.15pm blogging episode.

Lessons Learnt:

So readers all in all quite an eventful day.  Not really as productive as I would have hoped but lessons were learnt:

  • Listen to music more
  • Arrange more weekends away
  • Read more about Hygge and try to incorporate more into my life
  • Try to enjoy work as much as possible and do not stress if not everything was completed on my to do list… or even 10% is completed…there is always tomorrow! 🙂

Sleep well guys and gals.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Lets just hope little one improves during the night so its not a doctors appointment in the morning.

Natalie x

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