Beginnings Well-being

The importance of Self-Care

August 1, 2017
Lady swimming

Hi everyone, I’ve decided that I’ll drop the day count as I think it might be a reminder that I’m taking too long to simplify my shit!  So far since starting this journey I feel I have done plenty of reading and self-reflection but I still feel like I’m not taking enough action.  I’ve de-cluttered a couple of drawers…not exactly the life changing progress I was hoping for…


Day 8 – Worth a read

May 24, 2017
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I read two articles today that I thought would be worthwhile sharing. Sharing the love The first one was by Lisa Congdon and is titled ‘On Self-employment, workaholism and getting my life back‘ and the second by Bridget De Maine titled ‘Why a Life Admin day should be on your list of work perks‘. The Lisa Congdon piece touched my heart as some of what she was saying…


Day 7 – Pondering

May 23, 2017

Hi all, so it is Day 7 and even though I have not made any drastic changes yet, I’m doing plenty of pondering and thinking to get me in the mood for change, and leading a simpler life. Unfortunately it has been another pretty unproductive day with no chance to really read or do any further research.  Which is a bit unmotivating but I really want to Blog…


Day 6 – A much deserved change of scenery

May 22, 2017

Weekend getaway So I have missed a couple of days – a thousand apologies but it was all with good reason and reinforces taking some much needed time out for yourself and family.  As I mentioned in Day 1 I have been struggling juggling all of my commitments lately, so I really wanted to go away for the weekend.  It has been in the pipeline for weeks but…


Day 3 – Write off!

May 19, 2017

So unfortunately readers its a write off of a day. And… I’m blogging well after my curfew.  So our little one is sick and has been back to the docs today, hubby has friends around so I have not had chance to do any research or reading today at all.  Still onwards and upwards I reckon. What I am reading Last night after I signed off the late…


Day 1 – Wake up call – Realisation!

May 17, 2017
seeds growing

The ah-ah Moment! It is the 17th May and I am sat at home.  I have been off work sick with the flu…the flu as in the real flu, not a bad cold – no sniffles or coughs here – just this constant headache, tiredness and aching feeling.  I honestly thought the diagnosis should be exhaustion or something even worse but let’s not go there, but I’m not…