About Me

Hi, I’m Natalie.

I am here to help you get more out of life.  I am going to share my experiences and advice on how to make more time for yourself, de-clutter your home and mind, get creative and overall just enjoy life more.  I will be the guinea pig and you can reap the benefits.

Why start this blog?

This is my journey to go from wanting it all, to leading a more simpler life.  To slow down, be mindful, look after myself and my loved ones, and give back to the community.  You can join me from Day 1 when I have my “ah-ah” moment to how I progress moving forward to improve my life and well being.  I hope this is a life-changing, or at least life-enhancing experience for both myself and my readers.

It will be a very honest account of my experiences along the way, hopefully not too much swearing but probably a bit, and quite a bit of bearing my soul – self doubt, worry, tears but hopefully lots of happiness and moments of enlightenment… 🙂

Getting to know me…

Just a bit more about me – I love coffee and red wine – I mean love them.  I love reading and always have at least 3 books on the go at once – probably something I need to re-examine on this journey.  I live across the other side of the world to most of my friends and family, but always feel loved.  I’m a single mum to a wonderful toddler.  I work full-time but in my spare time I run a Bullet Journaling online store, blogs and a doTERRA business.  It’s busy but I wouldn’t want it any other way 🙂

The Mission…if you choose to accept it?

Lets do this together – lets wave bye to the rat race and hello to a more happier, peaceful but fulfilling life!

Natalie x